Growing up as a kid I got hugged mostly by my late Grandma Meg and Grandpa Nate… Sigh, sounds cool calling them in those short forms huh? Well, they were affectionate people who had lives in earlier years when white folk when Kenya was still under British colony. As such, mannerisms associated with the white man had sunk as expected. My paternal grandpa was in fact one of the colonial chiefs who served in the British administration that was existing back then… or so I hear. 

A generation down to my parents, I used to watch my dad hug his brothers, particularly Uncle Nate, Uncle Joe and Uncle Jamin. For the later, it was much due to the fact that the guy was way too old for an Uncle, he has children (my cousins) older than my father even…Mum too was fond of Hugging her sisters (My Aunts) whenever they came to the village for Funerals mostly and on successive Christmas Holidays… As a kid I never really understood these folks; one minute they would hug and be very affectionate… the next they would be seriously discussing someone else he hee… 

A scale lower from my parents and relatives in their age group were us, the children back then. I don’t remember either of my parents hugging me as a child. My father always had this firm handshake that was so businesslike. Every when you achieved something as a kid in school or in some contest that he had assigned (Like who will dig most of the farm, prune flowers or mow the lawns)… The firm handshakes were usually followed with a Kenya Shilling note… That was as much as physical affection came from the old man, back then. As for mum, I think she had a funny way of teaching me as a boy that hugging/ touching a girl could lead to a lot of excitement, or a lot of trouble…Mum never hugged me L. Her hugs were always carefully reserved for my little sister… back then I guess Homo tendencies had not landed LOL! Whenever I moved in for a hug I was pushed towards Dad… where I got a ‘Deal” handshake… 

Most hugs I got as a kid as such were from the late Tusker, my dog.

I am not saying my parents were not affectionate to me and my siblings as kids… I personally had and still have one of the most wonderful and affectionate relationships with both my Dad and Mom. I picked up everything I am and proud of in terms of mannerisms from my old man, who probably is the Coolest Dad ever… and my soft skills, like patience, being generous and understanding from my old lady… Hugs were just never there… he hee… 

So how did I come to this post? 

I hug almost all my friend… the ladies particularly… for guys I will stretch my hand from very far he heee… 

This weekend I hugged emotions out of a lady I am feeling things for :-). Yes, I am off that single peoples train. I also was asked by a very dear friend (who gives nice hugs he heee) on my way to meet the old man if I do hug my parents… and all I could remember is I hugged my Dad and Mum once when I showed up abruptly after not seeing them for over a year… That one time alone… My Friend also asked me if I hug my siblings… Sigh, growing up in the family it was just handshakes… so I don’t quite remember hugging my siblings as kids either…whom I Love so much. But these days when my mind is not so much focused on why I am meeting my Kid sis or kid bro, I actually get a bump of affection. 

So, what do I do differently, nowadays I hug a lot… There are those hugs that seriously don’t go well with boxers ha haaaa… Then there are those hugs that just feel like love… those for wassup dude.… A hug basically is a form of physical intimacy, not necessarily sexual, that usually involves closing or holding the arms around another person or group of persons. The hug is one of the most common human signs of love and affection, along with kissing. Unlike some other forms of physical intimacy, it is practiced publicly and privately… I want to make a point to hug some more people ladies in my life. I find it a genuine way of expressing love, affection and appreciation without so much effort and words. Hug someone today, even Doctors recommend that we get at least seven (7) hugs a day.

NOTE: If you expect to hug or be hugged by anyone, please understand the meaning of a shower and  appropriate cologne/ perfume… Too much of anything is not so cool… good or bad.


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