Hello from St. George’s

Hi, I hope your day is better. Mine is just there, ish ish, I miss my suits, I hate these hospital ‘magwanda’s! I have gone through an early review today. I woke up (like i even slept!)stubborn and was determined to get out of here.

I am not going anywhere; that’s in a nutshell. I have texted a few of you. I am now hating talking and writing here. In the last 48 hrs I have put up and pulled down lots of posts. They help me a great deal because I don’t know how to talk about negative energy…just like the ‘walkers family’ of ‘brothers and sisters’, the sitcom… I am always a student though, with time I get to learn how to adapt. A friend asked me yesterday if I ever feel like I overcompensate or compromise and such… I dont know, I just like getting along and making everything easier for anyone who has a problem with me. It doesn’t tire, I just adapt; it is a gift I believe… but others hurt from what I write here; I care, so I will be reasonable.

I need some new hobby that can be done in bed LOL… Don’t offer ni niii, eeeeh, my hip joint is still ish ish :-)… I wish they had play station or something here. I can’t read much now, can’t watch much either… Though I can tell which pretty person came by ha haaa! (there I go again masking)…

I saw a shrink earlier; I am told I have masked my pain. I am a chameleon with my feelings, I will do opposites to make everything real… I hope u understand that.

Anyway, I will be OK, at least am sure of that. I will be away over lunch hour, going somewhere else for eye treatment they say… So you should not come if your kindness was pointing you towards me. But you can be like some special friends that have stuck in my brain for simple actions they have done recently… Be thoughtful and prayerful. I hate sympathy, I prefer cheer; I have gathered… I have always known, I think.

Anyway, have a better day y’all… catch up later. God bless you. Thank you for everything. I am slowly learning that healing might take longer than I desire. I am also making new friends in hospital here, good people. I am also learning selfishness, I was told I need that for some private reasons… (sigh, I miss anonimity).

…and this post was done on phone!!! Awesome… I can hold it closest to my normal eye and strain less :-)…

Spare a minute and Thank God for something great in ur life. I thank him for getting ‘us’ through days here in Hospital…

The ambulance is waiting…


9 thoughts on “Hello from St. George’s

  1. Zack, my heart goes out to you n Kellie. God works in a mysterious way and soon you two will be on your feet again. Thank God for the gift of life. Will remember you in my prayers – get well soon Zack!

  2. this post got me thinkin the hospital aint a bad place for some quiet tym and u never gt to worry bout wht to wear when u wake up….ur blogs a blast have a fab 2011

  3. Thank you all for the comments and goodwill mesages. Recovering from home now. Will be a while before normal life resumes but thats not in my control really, as established so far. Sight expected to improve in time, who knows. Might write sometime soon. Have a god one. God bless you.

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