The Integrity Song, ‘Tuangamize Ufisadi’

Did you know that the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission has an anthem against corruption in Kenya? here is a swahili verson… Do you know the Animal farm tune? It is sang along the said tune…

Verse one:

Kenya yangu, naipenda

Nachukia Ufisadi

Waharibu nchi yetu

Tuangamize ufisadi

Verse two:

Kenya yangu ngao yangu

Naupinga ufisadi

Hongo mbali, rushwa mbali

Tuangamize ufisadi

Verse Three:

Ndugu yangu mwananchi

Tudumishe maadili

Tufanyapo kazi zetu

Tuangamize ufisadi

Verse Four:

Tuna nia, na sababu

na uwezo nazo mbinu

Tuungane sisi sote

Tuangamize ufisadi.


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