Save the Country… as you were!

There was/is a link on Facebook. How we easily forget’ highlighting the reaction that one of the Ocampo 6’s comments elicited. The ‘Movie-like’ statement made by Honorable *cough* William Ruto yesterday at The Hague. I will not dwell much on what the author of the note said. The comments from those who shared the link including me are what got me thinking.

I stopped watching news, local news at least. Chances are any observant Kenyan, even non-Kenyan can tell what the news will read like in the next 21 days. For instance, we know that when the Ocampo 6 come back, they will have rallies around the country, together with the bunch of crooks also known as MP’s that accompanied them to the infamous Hague. They will tell the ‘people’ how they went to The Hague, and came back free because the Judges, or as Henry Kosgey puts it ‘jaches’ didn’t find them guilty. Anyone with a brain knows these fellows went for a Mention of their case. In the mentioning one even afforded a comment; ‘movie-like.’ God knows that we had trouble even getting food through that phase. Getting out of the house was a huge problem.

We once in that phase walked from Nakumatt Mega to Nakumatt Embakasi looking for food simply because there were no vehicles and every entrepreneur had closed shop to save what was precious to them from looting yet we were not at the focal point of the post election violence. People died, mothers lost sons and daughters, many people’s futures were shaped from actions of a selfish few driven by desire to have power. The Power to reward their cronies, their families and loot the nation coffers. To be able to walk on a carpet and have outriders and such nonsense.

We are getting to 2012. We still have our political passions and alliances, preferences if you like inclined to tribe. When you sit at a restaurant you’ll find people referring to others as them. A colleague mentioned yesterday over lunch hour at the office reception… ‘President Ruto 2012’… He was almost eaten for lunch by those of us who thought that was the most rubbish ever said. In the same gathering, others agreed with him. Looking back at the origins of the support and critique of the said suspect, it has little to do with ideology. It’s for the kinsmen, or not. I wrote a post earlier in the week of How I have No Tribe. While I want to sish away tribes and imagine that they are the sole source of our troubles as a nation, it is impossible at moment to do so.

We have one of the most educated folk this side of the world. Intellectual conversations with drinks at the right temperature can have one think the nation has been delivered. I sit with my friends from both sides of the political devide (read that as the tribes) and we talk, we see alliances that will take this country to Canaan but when an emotive issue emerges like Bill or UK at the Hague, people foolishly just stick their guns to their tribe: Our people.

Do we really have what it takes to overlook the very foundations that led to the fighting in 2007 in the first place? Do we have what it takes to assess and vote for people away from identities we relate to? Are there even people we can truly say are worth our votes? The Mrs says, she doesn’t see the need to vote. She actually finds useful thinks to do, even channels to watch when someone on TV says voter registration. Simply because in her ideology, she doesn’t truly believe we are there yet, as a nation. There is 100 % likelihood that if we went to the polls today, we’d comfortably vote for people we like, or think is lesser evil. No manifesto, ideology or actual change, the change we badly need. I see the need. I want to be in public office someday… but even I am not sure what ideology I stand for, yet… Do you?


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