Spiritual Musings…

One of the funniest of lightest moments I have had and genuinely so laughed about in the recent times was from Monk. Yes Monk, the TV series that airs on Universal channel. The episode this time round featuring a murder case involving a Russian diplomat at a New York based Hotel. Somewhere in the middle of investigathions, Adrian Monk gets lost, blame it on his San Francisco shadiness, as depicted. He ends up at Time Square where a burly man of African American descent is preaching, I think the cast was trying to fit TD Jakes… So suddenly Mr. Monk gets lifted to a higher spiritual ground, repents and starts calling on other bystanders and passersby to come to the Lord. As other co-characters find him and try to pull him down from the podium, Monk refuses and shouts ‘come to the Lord, she is a fornicator, she is a fornicator that one…’ at Sharona, the lady act who walks about with him. I cannot detail this any better. If you watch Monk you’d be at the edge of your seat by now.

Earlier today; I woke up at Four AM, hunger pangs. I had a bad headache last evening, woke up past dinner hour. I subconsiously tuned to TBN. There was an advert, with a man with an arrow in his hip asking for a pain killer. The man was advised that he needs surgery to be painfree. He insisted that pain is not such a priority for as long as he can find pain killers and sleep on the arrowless side of the body. The advert ended with advise that seeking partial solution for your problems is not satisfactory and as such coming to God fully will deliver one from all devilish things that entrap and cause one pain.

This got me seriously thinking about my spiritual being. Yes I go to church often, I listen to the sermon and more than often give commentary on how good it was and such. As I walk away from the church to the next activity that characterizes my day, I hardly take time to go back and evaluate my place on taught subject. Something bad happens, and I turn to God, I seek his indulgance in one way or another. Some good things happen too, I still remember to say Thank you God, and that just about informs my being. I have always always hungered to grow much deeper spiritually, to understand and live by what God requires me to. At this moment I can say I understand a little better than about a year ago, I am perhaps not yet close to God but I know what I need to do. I am looking foward to something new this coming week, MIZIZI. I know many people who’ve gone through the course at Mavuno Church, all of them seem and act with a sense of belonging and understanding spiritually and beyond. I have been told this is what I could be waiting for to have some kind of spiritual break-even. I am psyched!

Did I say I have experienced salvation before? I have! Not just the kind people go through in school arounds exam time. Though I have to admit, I once feared Chemistry like I fear The Devil himself, I thought salvation would save me from that ‘madoadoa’ in the name of a C+ on my high school transcript, or what did they call them…result slip I think. Anyway, the most significant date I can say I remember giving my life to Christ was January 3rd 2011. I have not given such a good account of The Lord’s goodness. I am learning.

I remember taking notes from a Joyce Mayer preaching that spoke of ‘Legalistic Judgement’. I still have the e-notes and while they might not give exact account of what the good lady said, I managed to capture as follows:

‘Everytime you are a legalistic, you are judgemental of those around. Measuring others by our being is unfair. God always gives us people we are less like because we need them. We need to love and share unconditionally. Even Peter, John and Judas were different. It is important to know that God has the best plans. Jesus’ message of log in eye should help us guide each other better. The reason I have to get the Log out of my eye is simple so that I can remove a spectacle from yours.

Let us focus, care and build a positive attitude in dealing to/ with anyone and everyone. A judgemental attitude puts a wall between them and us.Jesus was with every kind of person, he didn’t judge them but instead he courted them to embrace each other with positivity but not sin. If our hearts are broken by sin then we need to re-look at ourselves but if we are hurt by anger we need to look at our mirrors and evaluate our being. If we take everyone and judge them without knowing where their story is from it is a spiritual sin to self, to them and to God. As we seek to understand each other, so should we seek to understand them with less or no confrontation. We should Pray and review our judgement, understand best standards to subscribe to for all of us to get along. We have to judge the sin, not the sinner. The holy spirit is a spirit of truth and it guides what, where and when to judge; it is hard, but it the truth to ourselves and fairness to others. God is the best example, he loves us all through our being, uncoditionally. Humanity should strive to be like this to those they cosnider theirs and not. Jesus’ relationships are the best guide.’

I am not heavily spiritual but I know a lesson from that sermon; Mathew 23, I think…and no, you’re not lost. This is still Urbane Kenyan.

Playlist: Nicole C. Mullen ~ On My Knees

Till Then, Cheers!


One thought on “Spiritual Musings…

  1. Read through your note and for sure its inspiring.
    May the Lord God Almighty give you more of His grace

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