Somebody say Hallelujah!

It’s week eight now since I started Mizizi; a ten week course at Mavuno Church on spiritual foundation. I am not sure how much justice I have done the course but I am certain it has made some difference in my life. This is a second attempt I have made at the course. At first I did not have purpose for it really, a friend recommended it, and I went to the launch, got bored with all those ‘personal stories’ midway and quickly left the dome to other ‘more important’ things…

It’s funny how life works though. Actually it is interesting how God works, yes he does… I know that now better than I did months ago. When I enrolled for the course this time round, I considered just how lucky I have been escaping some death-like experiences not just once but severally…they are somewhere on this blog in case you did not know. While I felt luck had been on my side, I thought it was important for me to find the person switching on the luck button for me. I also wanted to keep lost love. For that to happen I had to dig deeper and find something purposeful. I needed to change who I had become and becoming a man closer to God’s ways was vital. So I promised myself that every Tuesday from May 10Th2011, I’ll make time to walk through this.


…and so came the first day. I was all eager, I dashed to church and took a corner seat in my assigned class. People trickled in, and eventually the facilitator kicked off. A bit of introductions here and there, who we are, what we do, why Mizizi and such vibe. By the end of the class, I realized everyone has a story. So we have shared, made friends, learnt valuable lessons from each other and enjoyed Tuesday evenings in ways better and more productive than I would have for now 8 weeks. I didn’t know how much strides I had made until we went out to an outreach mission at Central and Uhuru Park this past Saturday.

After a Friday evening meeting friends and getting home a little late. I woke up with clear determination sending the team leader a text excusing myself. As I reached for my phone, I found some missed calls, obviously from friends I was trying to find the previous night for a meet up and such. To be very honest, I was slapped by serious guilt with which I was readily willing to denounce a church assignment yet hours earlier I would have easily settled to any social engagement. Yeah, I have developed a conscience in choice of what to do and what not, spiritually. So I dropped the phone, rushed to the shower and dashed to Central Park.

With the park at frozen temperatures, we converged. We agreed on what our mission would entail and split in different directions. I have never in my entire life taken time to tell someone about God, or my beliefs and such. I seriously avoid all debates religion based. I once got to a stupid fight with some kid called Hassan in high school over such arguments. Of course I kicked his behind and felt good for few minutes; till the librarian forwarded a note Hassan had left in a book calling on his friends to roast my behind… I vowed to never ever engage in that vibe ever again. Well… on this assignment, I was paired with @zicosoulworld, dude has done this before. I was all cheery telling other groups I would be playing the backup role.

So we met Kuria. A bright young man I concluded. He sat by the water pool waiting for someone. Zico reached out to greet him. Kuria was hesitant, he nodded his head instead. This Nairobi you know, it could be ‘Onyancha the Vampire‘. We introduced ourselves, asked for a few minutes of his time and vualaaa… Someone was on a roll! I liked Kuria, he asked us lots of questions, differences in religion and all that. It felt great that when I told him at Mavuno it’s not a religion, its ‘real people, real issues’… I realized at that moment just how much I had learnt. We could have spoken to Kuria the entire day, he was such a character. I am certain he will find time to try Mavuno Church, he promised. Even I, an ICC who just goes to Mavuno for the Mizizi course was inspired. oh, Kuria shook our hands after!

Then there was Macharia. He sat under a tree, least interested in things going by when we approached him. He was kind to allow us a few minutes. He was the kind of guys who will keep quiet, let you go on with your banter till you deem it right to stop. There is amazing possibility in testimony. I had never given one in my life before. So we spoke with Macharia, I told him a little about experiences, why they happen to some and not all. What they teach us and how we can become better people. I have no idea how some stories left my mouth. Really, I would never say some things. I got convinced that if God has purpose with a situation, or someone, he will find avenues to reach out to them. By this time we had been joined by Roy. Quiet chap, very intelligent, an impression I have since formed of him. By the time we were leaving Macharia, I was guaranteed he is one of those guys possibly in many months, or years down the line I will meet on a street and wonder where I knew him from. He particularly asked if Mavuno had a branch in Eastlands… Zico definitely pointed him towards Mavuno Mashariki in Donholm.

Three guys approaching a girl sitting in a lonesome park can be scary. I do not want to imagine what Pauline thought before we introduced ourselves. She knows God, much more than I do. She fasts, she prays. She isn’t saved though. So we spoke, it was a case of convincing her why she needed salvation. I am crawling at that subject. In the week, we had learnt that on an outreach mission, different situations and circumstances respond to different approaches. While Macharia appreciated testimony, Pauline seemed to respond to intellect. She wanted to make logic of salvation. So we talked, we even debated. She wanted to get saved, we asked her if we could pray for her… I personally was freaked out. I felt she needed to learn and search it within herself for that. So we told her about Mizizi. Reasons why it is a good course, I told her what I knew before and after Mizizi and she genuinely wanted to try the course. She told us she would ask her father if he can sponsor her. I am a marketer, when I see an opportunity I can grab, I grab it by all means. So I asked her to contact the programme controller in church for my sponsorship when she needs to enroll.

I have never ministered. The only Ministry I have dreamt of running is that of Planning, National Resources and Vision 2030. This was an experience I will live to remember. I am not yet through with the course; I am still far away from the ideals that the bible teaches. I believe I am saved; I am still learning the ropes and jumping the hurdles. Some days I fall terribly, some days I can feel the hand of God tap my shoulder congratulating me for an effort well done.

My year started off with nothing set out to be achieved, I just wanted to get well. I am slowly getting used to the idea that I will probably never be as strong as I was before 20Th December 2010, at mind and even physically. Sometimes I look at the five months spent at home recovering as a waste, but I realize I picked some important lessons that are making me better. I get angry some mornings when I look into the mirror and notice my left eye is still messed up. Some days I feel a sense of xenophobia against some folks; like two weeks ago when I got knocked to the ground by a cart that came from my blind left at the Bus Station. I know for sure though that the best decision I made this year is to enroll and commit to Mizizi. It is changing my life.

That aside, whoever threw the Afro-jazz spell towards me died… every other music genre sounds wrong!

Till then, Cheers!

Playlist: ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ ~ Black Smith Mambazo


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