How your Tax was spent, or not…

That Government spends the citizen’s tax carelessly is not a secret. That Government cares less about what the citizens think of how it spends their money is again, not a secret. Nonetheless, some picture has to be put out there of how our money is spent…particularly that which does not make much sense. Better yet when the arm charged with holding various departments’ expenditure and income accountable does not give quite convincing reasons. In the Auditor General’s report, he states this for unaccounted for funds. I will highlight some;

‘During the year under review, various Ministries and Departments submitted for audit Recurrent and Development Appropriation Accounts which were inaccurate. As in 2008/2009, many such Appropriations Accounts had errors and reflected balances which did not reconcile with those shown in the respective ledgers.

Further, and in other instances, expenditure incurred under various items in the Accounts were not supported with the relevant documents and as a result, the propriety of such expenditure could not be ascertained.

In other respects, significant expenditure relating to other items was altogether excluded from the Accounts. The effect of such omission was that the total expenditure recorded under the respective Accounts was understated by equivalent amounts.’

First, I want to know who holds the Kenya National Audit Office (Auditor General) accountable. I am not quite an auditor but I sat through some audit units through my undergraduate degree and in my CPA. Secondly, what exactly happens when the Auditor General gives the report as given, with statements without conclusive points of action as such? Thirdly, where does the Kenya Anticorruption Commission come in… Worse still, what now happens with K.A.C.C. Disbanded?

Here’s a little breakdown of the state of our finances;

  • Government Financial Position as at 30/06/2010

Net Surplus Kshs. 25,920,539,658.81 (2010)

Net Surplus Kshs. 35,783,271,151.10 (2009)

  • Under Expenditures (Net)

Kshs. 54,584,282,574.90 (2010)

Kshs. 37,995,330,420.91 (2009)

There was ‘Under expenditure’; funds were allocated but were not spent/ used. This is attributed to slow project implementation, inadequate exchequer issues, delayed donor fund disbursements and non-submission of returns by development partners. Check Appropriation Accounts of the main report.

There was also ‘excess expenditure without parliament approval’;

Kshs. 44,479,490.95 in 2010

Kshs. 633,999,805.03 in 2009

This is from the Ministry of Information and Communication. It still does not include a further Kshs. 9,285,488.60 in unaccounted for bills, or bills carried forward and not communicated.

This largely is just an excerpt from the huuuge report with a lot of explanations that would make the guys who have a field day tossing me around office from Deloitte and KPMG leave me alone. Either way, have a look at it HERE and make your opinion of it.

In a nutshell, I think KENAO owes the citizens better reporting and with recommendations for action on unaccountability, misreporting, no reporting and misuse of public funds. I also think KENAO should be accountable to somebody, not Public Accounts Committee as such but to the citizens in some way.

Till then, Cheers! 


One thought on “How your Tax was spent, or not…

  1. “There was also ‘excess expenditure without parliament approval’;
    Kshs. 44,479,490.95 in 2010
    Kshs. 633,999,805.03 in 2009”

    damn! those statistics make me want to confront the Auditor General and sue him/her on behalf of Kenyans!

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