Asia Tour ~ Closing Remarks…

This blog has been dusty of late, no much time to write. On a mission in Asia recently, I was honored to deliver some remarks on behalf of fellow Africans at the closure of a Finance Tour. Here they are;


The Government of Indonesia, The Government of Japan, facilitators and sponsors of JICA, the Steering Committee of the Third Country Training Programme on Microfinance for Africa Region, The NAM Alliance, fellow participants from Ethiopia, Namibia, Uganda and my native country Kenya, Ladies and Gentlemen, Selemat Pagi. It is great honor to stand before you to make closing remarks at such a momentous occasion on behalf of African Countries represented here.

Fellow participants will note that we have learnt wide and extensively from the coordinators, the trainers and consultants, the institutions and entrepreneurs visited and most of all, the Indonesian people with whom you have represented with perhaps the most admirable levels of concern, kindness and joy. The knowledge gathered through training, interaction, debates and observation will go a long way in enriching our individual lives and careers, in shaping and renewing innovation and policy in our various organizations, countries and continent as a whole.

Our countries have varied richness and challenges in relatively equal measure; the resources, the developments, the innovation and the cultures. Our various financial systems and models too boast and equally wonder in developments that have and can be critical to realization of better regulation, business, and improvement of the socio-economic beings for many households. As such, the roles played by organizations we represent here are fundamental in shaping a better tomorrow, a future for all. In this regard, financial structures in place; Microfinance Institutions, Regulatory Authorities, Development Bodies, Banks and Cooperatives are pivotal in enabling by law, by design and with models and products that can dynamically propel the mandates they hold and the visions held by many whose desire lies in seeing a better and sustainable growth.

From the this experience gathered here, with comparative frameworks gathered within Indonesia, the larger part of the Asian and the African continents, our responsibility henceforth lies not in understanding how and what we do but in how and what we can do, in our individual and professional levels to realize better management of our financial institutions and to ensure that what they seek to achieve is done so successfully with arrangements in not only considerate but also innovative ways.

From the developments in Namibia, the wide sectors in Uganda, the regulatory frameworks in Ethiopia, innovative systems in Kenya and the rich and diverse models in Indonesia, it clearly emerges that our experiences, knowledge and skill in managing not only Microfinance Institutions but also development, financial and regulatory systems if keenly looked at and borrowed from can shape perspective for the enhancement of the way we work, the way we live and the way we do business in our respective areas.

In a world, a globe so localized wherever you are, with the recent developments in world economies affecting even the highly regulated, innovative and diverse but stable economies we represent, such a forum has given us insight in making things work better in our various levels. It is our hope that in progression, we will keep abreast with developments as they unfold to the benefit of our own understanding and with what can help make those represented here achieve better standards and results for the common good.

Goathe, a philosopher puts it simply;

‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.’

With those few remarks, on behalf of my fellow participants, we say thank you, to the various authorities; for letting some of us past the terminals, to the coordinators and trainers who facilitated and extended knowledge never thought of respectively, to fellow participants for making the sessions and the stay worthwhile and to the absolute, perhaps the highest level of kindness I have witnessed ever from the team that made our stay here unforgettable.

We could say more, we will say more. For now, it’s been bagus!

Thank you, Terima Kasih!


On behalf of participants from Africa.


2 thoughts on “Asia Tour ~ Closing Remarks…

    • Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Good to have you here… Thank you for the comment. I was trying hard to represent you and the rest of the crew 🙂

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