Life Happens, by Grace…

Life and its general nonsense… There is a blog title like that somewhere and for sure life has its trials and tribulations. Why do I write this? By default as a blogger, I read blogs and I relate with bloggers, as a matter of fact I know bloggers and have made some of my best friendships through blogging and with fellow bloggers. We share stories, on varied topics and subjects. Most of us have themed our profiles to express opinion, report on issues and offer commentary on various aspects that characterize our lives; Life and its general nonsense.

In the recent past I have read some of my favorite bloggers; a whole lot of misfortune and almost unreal incidents have happened here and there, accidents, illness and some tough luck in one aspect or another. Through friends I have also gathered of close ones passing on a little too early for us to accommodate, to phantom. It can be troubling making sense of the why, the how and what not. A while ago, as most of you already know; from the overly told tired story, I thought differently of life. From a time when life was just an easy go lucky affair to a point where I found life to be troubling and all that. On this day I have a totally different view of what life is and what it offers. Speaking to a friend earlier, we concluded that Life is truly a gift. Today you have it and tomorrow it is gone. You know something in a way by this minute, and in a flash it’s a whole different tale.

I have learnt some lessons, albeit painfully. We take some things for granted, like a chance to extend joy to another, a time to create memories with those we love and opportunity to make peace with those we have offended, to mend fences we have broken. We forget that what we know could sound unknown and what we do not identify with can befall us, just like that.

What have I learnt? Trust in God, or at least that reasonable faith you subscribe to. It sounds simple, perhaps negligible but the truth of the matter is there is a force behind our existence. There is a power above our being and there is a view beyond our imagination. Having faith in not what we know but what we are purposed for is rewarding. I for instance was not much of a spiritual soul for most of my life. I believed in my own ability; the Architect of my own destiny. Strange, even with that I have been given second chances much more than thrice. At some point you really get to wonder why you deserve another chance, why you and not another. You ask questions, mostly without answers. I listened to a morning devotion that’s become a habit over time and Joyce Mayer said something interesting;

Often, we turn to the phone instead of the Throne when we worry and when we seek grace. – Joyce Mayer’

We’re very ready to call a friend for a drink to down our sorrows, or to complain about something or to find a way out instead of just making a direct call to heavens; Prayer.

When you get a chance to look at life differently, after calamity of kind, or experience as such you learn to live, either fully or cautiously. I have lived through both. You could also make the best of it and live purposefully like I am trying to. Let me not tire you with extensive banter on my being and our being. In a nutshell, it gets better. You become happier, you fear less, you purpose for more meaningful deeds. You live knowing it could all go away. You make the best. Ask me, I am probably nowhere near a clean soul, nor near a purposeful end but I know I live because someone higher figures I should. So, sorry for some friends who’ve gone through some ugly days. I truly hope and believe that perspective will come your way. God Bless you.

Till Then, Cheers!


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