Seduction – Up in The Air…

Playlist: Halo ~ Beyonce

She stood by the walking rail, seemingly exhausted. Of course she was exhausted; she was not native of Dubai,by design. She was on transit to some place else. She had a duty free plastic shopping bag in her left hand. She also had what seemed like a laptop bag on her back, a ladies handbag on her right arm and she pulled a travellers bag with her right hand. Damsel in distress, I thought to myself. She had radiant African Arabic kind of hair, long flowing; absolutely sexy. She wore a blue scarf over her shoulders. Her pants, tight house pants I would say, black. They emphasized her curvy legs and pronounced her rich light complexion. She drew towards white. She wore blue flat shoes, closed; perfect for travel.

I walked over; ‘Hello’, I said. She looked at me, without any sense, of neither smile nor flirtation.  Before she said Hello back, or whatever she intended to, I had my ‘May I?’ out. I reached for her suitcase; I am Zack by the way, Zack from Kenya. You’d think I am the sole Kenyan by that name. She smiled back, finally. I smiled back…not much in cognizance but in amusement from her carefully placed bracelets. I haven’t quite seen adults with those, I thought.

Shall we? I asked. Shall we what? She retorted. Shall we get along? I responded… We will, but just for this moment, she said. Sure, then part of my agenda is to discuss the subsequent moments, after this of course; I offered. She smiled…chuckled at that actually. Here, she pointed at Gate 220; I smiled to myself. I carefully placed her bag on a spare seat. She struggled with her remaining luggage. ‘May I’, I went again. Please, this time she said.

Up in The Air...

We sat. She let out a sigh of relief; ‘Zack from Kenya, what brings you to Dubai?’ Mmmh, Emirates, I offered. Emirates the airline, I added. *Laughter, lots of laughter followed…* I smiled. You are funny, Zack from Kenya, she said. Really though, what did the airline bring you here for? Oh well, at this moment, I said; to save a damsel in distress, and offer her a cup of coffee…which one? I asked. Can you get me a Kenyan Coffee here? She asked; I doubt, but I can get you a farm when you come back to Kenya with me. She burst out, in a series of laughter, and blushes. She was having fun.

We sipped our coffees. Chinese coffees those were. No, they were not substandard. They were just as good, but not as good as Kenyan, or Ethiopian. Yes, Clues. Two hours had gone past, in a flash! We had another two, before she checked in, and I did. Still, I withheld my destination, I didn’t bother asking either. A friend told me; sometimes, it’s best to take a moment, and let it go; if it’s yours, you will find it…somewhere.

We walked about the shops, electronic shops, for my interest, and a whole lot of jewelry shops for her. I was bemused; the few things I have successfully bought a lady to satisfaction have featured those two. This felt good. Time caught up, but not with the depth of our interest in each other, beautiful and smiley lady from wherever, and Zack from Kenya. I bid her farewell, here; my business card, I offered. If you do not call me, be sure, I will find you, to save you again, at some airport. I quipped. You are funny, she said, we hugged. I looked at her eyes, she lost the smile. You are a beautiful woman, I said. You are a charming man, she said. I dashed to my luggage. That was Hello…

To be continued…

Till Then, Thanks and Cheers!


26 thoughts on “Seduction – Up in The Air…

  1. Nice. Airports are interesting because of such moments – and since everyone is equally inconvenienced, there’s a solidarity of sorts and a chance to network, when there are delays

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