Some Curving Art from Thai…

When you travel you get to discover bits of yourself, at least I have thanks to some travel projects miraculously finding their way to me. Much of what interests me is culture, art and people. I learn and get fascinated most by mannerisms, art, music and traditional cultures that define people. I get back to trotting hopefully sometime soon but here are some pictures I took trouble to snap in pretense of checking my phone from the last trot-mode at The Carving Institute of Bangkok, Thailand.

These are from wood curving… The last image was from a piece that had a US $ 6500 price tag (someone say a Japan reconditioned Toyota/ Nissan). Yes, art is that valued. Which makes me wonder, don’t we have artists of kind in Kisii, Kakamega and parts of Ukambani? We aught to appreciate our artists and culture more.

Sad my Galaxy phone found a new owner, Nairobi pickpockets! Well… When you live in this city long enough you learn not to get so worked up about such loss, and items insurance too.

Till then, Cheers!


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